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News Flash for High School Baseball 

The Designated Hitter rule for high school baseball is different than other baseball leagues.  The DH in high school baseball and the person he is batting for are locked into the batting order by rule.  If the DH assumes a defensive position, the person he was batting for is eliminated from the game.  You cannot have your DH who was batting for the second baseman come into the game and play right field while the second baseman continues to play second.  Someone else would have to sub for the second baseman.  It could be the right fielder.  When you list your DH on the lineup card, the person he is batting for should be listed on the same line or a bracket drawn from the DH name to the Player he is batting for.   

Again, if the DH comes into the game to play defense, the player he is batting for must leave the game.  Even if he is batting for the pitcher.

However, re-entry allows the player the DH was batting for to come back into the game in the place of the DH and only in the place of the DH which then eliminates the DH from further participation.

Be aware that a DH in High School Baseball cannot come in for the right fielder if he is batting for the second baseman.  He can ONLY come in defensively to replace the person he was batting for, no one else.