VFW Tournament games shall be 7 innings unless 10 run rule after 5 or 15 after 3.

At least one umpire shall be registered for all regional and state tournament.  All championship games must have 3 umpires.

All teams, including coaches shall be in baseball uniforms for tournament play.  If a coach or team player is not in uniform they will not be allowed on the field.

7th and 8th place games will not be played.

Any team that does not report to play or notify the tournament officials at any regional or state tournament of a bonafide reason for being late by 30 minutes past the time established to play, shall forfeit the game.

State tournaments will not be played on any diamond where another baseball tournament is being played on the same diamond on the same dates.

Tournament officials have complete autonomy on taking whatever action is necessary in behavior problems of participants.  Severe cases may result in a team being disqualified.

In the interest of time all rained out or postponed championship round ball games in tournament play will begin from the point of stoppage unless the 10 run rule has taken effect.  It is recommended during regular league play that if a game is rained out it should be called a game if five or more innings have been played.

Bat requirements for Varsity Team Divisions.  All bats must meet BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) Rulings   All bats cannot be lighter than -3 ounces under the length of the bat and the barrel can not be larger than 2 5/8 inches in diameter.  Starting in 2006 season all bats for varsity team players must comply with this rule.

A batter without protective headgear including ear protectors will be declared out when the pitcher comes to the set position, or begins his motion.   Protective helmet including ear protectors is required for all base runners, and if the base runner refuses to put on a helmet after being advised by the umpire, he shall be automatically out.

Catchers must wear protective headgear, throat protectors and catcher's cup.  Warm-up catchers must wear protective headgear and throat protectors.  Courtesy runners may be used for catchers attaining first base at anytime.  Courtesy runners are not allowed for pinch hitters for catchers.   A player who has already participated in the game is not eligible to be a courtesy runner.

Bat requirements for 13-14 Year Old Team Divisions.  All bats can not be lighter than -8 1/2 ounces under the length of the bat.  BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) Rulings will not apply to bats used in this division.  Starting in 2006 season all bats for 13-14 year old team players must comply with this rule.

If a pitcher is removed from the mound during the game he may not return to the mound in the same game though he stays in the game.  Designated hitters for any position may be used in VFW Baseball.

All protests will be decided by the official on the level where they occur, but may be appealed to the next higher authority.

Adult managers who are at least 18 years of age only will be allowed in the coaching boxes, with permission granted to use one player in one box through state tournament play.  Players in the coach's box must wear a helmet.

Professional rules of baseball regarding substitutions will apply.  In all cases where VFW League Rules and Regulations conflict with major league professional rules, VFW League rules will supersede professional rules.  In event of a serious injury and there are no players on the bench who have not played, the last player taken out may be placed back in the game in place of the injured player or players.  In the alternative, in a serous injury situation, a team may  continue to play with eight players and the team shall receive an automatic out at such player(s) turn at bat.  The applicability of the rule shall be determined by the head umpire.

Fourteen innings will be the maximum total number of innings a pitcher may pitch in any consecutive seven day period.  A pitcher may not pitch more than a total of seven innings in any one day or on two consecutive days.  The fifth through seventh inning must be followed by four days of rest.  If a pitcher pitches on two consecutive days with the combined total fewer than five innings, he will follow two days off for rest.  One pitch to home plate counts as an inning.

All games scheduled on a definite date will be considered part of that day's play even though the schedule is not complete until past midnight.  In the event of interruption due to weather conditions and participating teams leave the ball park because the complex is closed for that session.  All pitching records will be counted for the calendar day that they are played on.

No more than two complete games will be played by any one team in any one day, except when an "open" pool play tournament format is used.

If a fielder has the ball before the runner arrives at second, third or home the runner shall be called out if he does not slide.  Any player may be ejected from a game for flagrant contact which in the umpire's judgment either injures or is intended to injure another player.

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