1. Does the SDUA handle softball or baseball? The SDUA handles just baseball.  We are involved in many levels of baseball in South Dakota including, Amateur, American Legion, High School, Class A, and VFW.

  2. How do I get games to umpire? Contact your local organizations and or assignors.  If you are unsure who to contact in your area, please reach out to the SDUA and we can help.

  3. Does the SDUA assign umpires to their games? The SDUA does not assign games.  We will put you in touch with your local organizations and local assignors to get you scheduled to umpire.

  4. What is the game fee? Game fees are set by each local organization. 

  5. I cannot attend a clinic this year? Am I still allowed to umpire?  Yes, you can still umpire this year, and you are still a member in good standing of the SDUA.  You will be considered a registered member and will be ineligible to apply for post season assignments.

  6. I did not pay my dues on time. Now what?  Current members are required to pay their dues by April 1st of each year.  Any member who fails to do so will lose their membership in the SDUA.  If this happens, please contact the SDUA.

  7. How much are the annual dues? Annual dues are set each year by the membership.  Click HERE for current dues.

  8. What do I get for my dues? All members will receive a rulebook each year.  The SDUA keeps all members current with the rules and regulations of the many associations we umpire.  We also send out our newsletter, the UMP-O-GRAM, periodically during the baseball season, and hosts annual clinics and a winter meeting.  The SDUA also gives back to baseball by providing Sportsmanship awards, a yearly scholarship, and other awards.

  9. What do I wear on the baseball field? By joining the SDUA, you agree to adhere to the SDUA Uniform requirements which can be found HERE.

  10. Where do I get my gear? There are a few local stores as well as multiple online retail locations that sell uniforms and equipment.  Links to some of them can be found HERE.  Contact the SDUA with any questions.

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